Photosession in Tokyo

Special for vacation in Japan i decide to make unusual latex dress, inspired by Gothic & Lolita style. It was a lot of work, because it was a large ammount of small appliqué of alchemical and astrological symbols and black streaks on the skirt.

I suggested my friend from facebook GamaGaeru to make cooperative photosession. She agreed and that was awesome. I wanted to create a magical atmosphere in the pictures. I was lucky that there was a beautiful park with a lake next to my hotel.

The weather was very hot at the shooting day but I was vigorous despite of wearing corset.

Gama doesn't know English, and I don't know Japanese, but it did not stop us to have fun.

We went to Tsukiji to eat sushi after we've finished shooting.

Some backstage photos:

+bonus two funny GIF's

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